Generalized Plasticity Model for Nonlinear Analysis of Steel Frames at Elevated Temperatures

  • Bursać, Milan (University of Belgrade)
  • Kostić, Svetlana (University of Belgrade)

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The paper presents a new 3D beam/column element for nonlinear analysis of steel frames at elevated temperatures. The element belongs to the concentrated plasticity type and is based on the relations of the Generalized plasticity material model. It has two plastic hinges at the element end and accounts for the interaction of the axial force and the bending moments about the principal axes of the cross-section, the gradual yielding of the cross-section. The nonlinear geometry is taken into account with the corotational formulation. The paper starts with a very brief description of the element formulation and continues with the determination of the element parameters. The paper concludes with the evaluation of the accuracy of the element for the analysis of steel frames made of WF sections.