The main motivation of APMTAC is to contribute to the mission of ECCOMAS to promote joint efforts of European Universities, Research Institutes and Industries which are active in the broader field of Numerical Methods and Computer Simulations in Engineering and Applied Sciences.

The Portuguese scientific community in the area of Computational Methods in Applied Sciences is large and spread through almost all Portuguese Universities and Research Institutes, despite the size of the country. It has been consistently participating in the ECCOMAS Congresses and Thematic Conferences and is ripe to be mobilized for this event.

APMTAC- the Portuguese Association of Theoretical, Applied and Computational Mechanics, which to a large extent embodies that community, has in its Board of Directors representatives of all those Universities and Institutes and of the different areas of research represented in ECCOMAS. It is, therefore, in a privileged position to mobilize that community for the success of this event and, at the same time, to boost the interest of the younger generation of researchers in this scientific area.

The involvement in the organization of the main Universities of the country is at same time a guarantee of success but also a great opportunity to enhance and create old and new scientific links with many researchers from European Universities and Research Intuitions participating in the congress.