Medstraum: Innovative Development of the World's First Zero Emission Fast Catamaran, GA 760303 TrAM

  • PAPANIKOLAOU1, APOSTOLOS (Technical University of Athens School of Nava)
  • AUNG, MYO (Maritime Safety Research Centre)
  • BOULOUNGOURIS, EVANGELOS (3Maritime Safety Research Centre)
  • Leren, Iver Jan (Rogaland County Council)

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The paper deals with the design, construction and early experiences operation of the worldwide 1st battery driven high-speed catamaran passenger ferry MS Medstraum. The innovative character of the vessel was enabled by the development and use of a series of computerised methods and software tools. The vessel was built by Fjellstrand AS and was launched in early June 2022. After successful sea trials that superseded the expectations of designers, builders and operators, achieving a maximum speed of over 27 knots, it started operations in the Stavanger/Norway area in late September 2022. The prototype character of MS Medstraum led to its selection as “Ship of the Year 2022” at the major international maritime exhibition SMM 2022 (September 2022, Hamburg). The presented research is in the frame of the H2020 funded project “TrAM – Transport: Advanced and Modular” ( ).