STS239 - STS - Cold transportation

Organized by: P. Neittaamäki (University of Lappeenranta , Finland)
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, cold chains, Optimization, transport
Efficient transportation of perishable goods, such as food and medicine, poses substantial challenges in maintaining their quality and timely delivery. This session aims to address these hurdles by introducing innovative computational and technological solutions. In this session, we will delve into enhanced logistics planning strategies that leverage cutting-edge machine learning methods. By harnessing predictive analytics and adaptive algorithms, we aim to develop transport route planning, minimizing transit times and mitigating environmental impact. The session will showcase a diverse range of research endeavors and practical implementations, emphasizing the crucial role of technology in elevating the standards of transporting perishable goods. Join us as we explore pioneering advancements in transportation technology and logistics management, setting the stage for more sustainable and efficient delivery systems for essential goods.