MS188 - Exploring novel applications and advances in lattice Boltzmann methods

Organized by: A. De Rosis (University of Manchester, United Kingdom) and M. Camps Santasmasas (University of Manchester, United Kingdom)
Keywords: computational fluid dynamics, Modelling and simulation
The lattice Boltzmann method (LBM), known for its computing efficiency and adaptability in modelling fluid flows, has received broad popularity in a variety of scientific and engineering disciplines. This mini-symposium aims to provide a dynamic venue for LBM academics and practitioners to exchange their ideas, findings, and innovations. This event will encourage constructive talks and develop cooperation in the following important areas, with a major emphasis on innovative applications and cutting-edge techniques: 1. Advanced LBMs - Contributors will reveal ways for boosting simulation accuracy, stability, and efficiency by emphasizing recent methodological breakthroughs in LBM. 2. Multiphysics and complex systems - The numerous uses of LBM in modelling complicated multiphysics phenomena and complex systems will be covered in this theme area. Attendees may expect to hear about multiphase flows, fluid-structure interactions, and beyond. 3. High-performance computing - Experts will discuss how to optimize code for contemporary architectures and use parallel computing approaches. 4. Emerging applications - New applications emerge on a regular basis. Explorations of LBM's application frontiers, including biological systems, renewable energy, and beyond, will be discussed. 5. Validation and benchmarking - Maintaining the reliability of simulation findings is crucial. Contributors will explain effective techniques for verifying LBM simulations and benchmarking against analytical solutions and experimental data in this section.