MS013 - Optimization Under Uncertainty of Nonlinear and/or Transient Problems in Structural and Fluid Mechanics

Organized by: B. Kriegesmann (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany), T. Rung (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany), R. Seifried (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany), A. Düster (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany), K. Welker (TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany) and W. Wollner (Universität Hamburg, Germany)
Keywords: Computational Mechanics, Robust Design, Uncertainty, Fluid Dynamics., Optimization
Design optimization in structural mechanics and fluid dynamics is nowadays widely applied in academia and industry. However, most applications in industry still utilize linear models on the simulation side. Optimization of highly dynamic and/or nonlinear phenomena, the consideration of Multiphysics and the treatment of uncertainties is still a challenge. These challenges result for instance from the need for mesh regularization, less reliable convergence of optimization algorithms, and the very high computational cost associated with nonlinear transient and/or uncertain problems. This mini-symposium aims to bring together experts in the field of shape or topology optimization with applications in fluid dynamics, structural mechanics and dynamics as well as coupled problems. The goal is to exchange ideas and discuss the latest achievements on efficient optimization strategies for nonlinear problems, dynamical systems, optimization under uncertainty, and for novel approaches to CAD-free shape optimization methods.